Are you at risk of consent lawsuits with no plan for eliminating them?

Our mission is to provide clarity on ways you can use the latest technology to gain written consent. Proper consent opens up more options to communicate with the consumer. The end result is increased efficiency, profits and lower risk of lawsuits.

Bulletproof Audit Trail

There’s no other application like it on the market. The audit trail is robust and thorough.

Convert to Electronic

Save 80% or more by converting print to electronic. Plus keep the consumer more engaged in the process.

Reduce Exposure

Reduce exposure to lawsuits with the most powerful tool to obtain express consent.

Learn How to Lower Your Risk and Gain Profits

Bullet Proof Audit Trail

From e-signatures to the IP address, we capture every click and view along the way.

There’s no other consent application like it on the market. As with all our products, we’ve made it straightforward and easy-to-use from a collector and consumer standpoint.

RevExpress Consent Audit Trails Tracks the following:

IP Address of Consumer
Date and time of opt in
Any field you wish to gain
Consent to call a cell phone
Consent to send Email
Electronic signature
Scrawl signature
Terms of consent
Any customized consent verbiage
Map of the consumers IP address when granting consent

Convert Print to Electronic and Save!

By gaining express consent in writing, you now have the consumers’ authorization to send communication via email or text which saves you from having to send a first class letter and increases the speed of delivery.

If a consumer is on a 10-month payment plan you could save big.

Regular Printed Mail

10 first class reminder notices at .55 each = $5.50
10 first class thank you notices at .55 each = $5.50

Total for first class mail = $11.00

A first class letter, including postage, typically costs $.55.

E-mail Option

10 e-mail reminder notices at .10 = $1.00
10 email thank you notices at .10 = $1.00

Total Cost = $2.00

You saved $9.00

If you did this for 100 payment plans per month you save =$900
If you did this for 1,000 payment plans per month you save $9,000

As you can see, electronic is better than print. With revExpress Consent,
you now have the option of using electronic consent.

Reduce Exposure to Lawsuits

We know how heavily regulated the industry is, and the sad reality is, regulations seem to only be getting worse.

In today’s world, typical consent includes recording a call and hoping you don’t get sued. Hope is not an effective strategy. At revExpress, we are passionate about providing tools that help our clients be proactive to avoid the type of predatory lawsuits that plague our industry.

We’ve revolutionized express consent with our simple-to-use web-based application which turns your desktop computer into a tool that can help you obtain written consent to send an email or call a cell phone.

No more hoping you won’t get sued. Our audit trail is so robust it is downright scary how much information we capture and retain.

All express consent information can be uploaded directly into your collection system so your collectors stay up to speed with how to communicate with your consumers.

Whitepaper “5 Steps to Gain Written Consent.”  DOWNLOAD

Opt-out Process

Just as important as managing the opt in process properly, revExpress Consent provides a tool for managing the opt-out process.

revExpress Consent provides an easy-to-use opt-out strategy for the consumer. At any time, the consumer can go to the opt-in page and with a single click they can state the they did not authorize consent.

All information pertaining to consent can be communicated back to you in real time or a daily file so you will be operating with the most up-to-date information.

Additional Benefits

Better Compliance

We are passionate about the written Express Consent function because it improves your compliance and gives the power back to the owner/manager.

World-class Support

Even with an easy to use product like revExpress Consent, we have a team of people that can help with any issue that might arise.

Mobile Devices

With close to half of all transactions now done on mobile devices, all revExpress consent forms look and work perfectly on smartphones, tablets or computers.

Airtight Security

All transactions handled through revExpress Consent use the latest security and encryption technologies.

No Long Term Contract

We offer solutions that work. If you can find a better product, use it! With revExpress Consent, you will never be locked into long-term deal.

Easy to Use

There is no easier or more powerful way to gain written consent. Using our real time option, you can gain written consent with 2 simple clicks of a mouse.

Fully Branded

revExpress Consent allows for customization so you can make every consent page look and feel like your company.


If revExpress Consent can save you from one lawsuit it has paid for itself several times over.

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