Would you like to be able to deliver forms and documents in real time?

Using secure hyper links, revExpress Docs offers the fastest and most secure way to deliver notices
to the consumer. This provides three key advantages:

Effective Payment Plans

Keep more payment plans alive, increase revenue and compliance with revExpress Documents.

Real Time Delivery

Within seconds, consumers can receive communication behind secure websites.

Comply with Reg E

Regulations are here to stay. It’s up to you how you want to approach them.

Increase revenue and compliance using revExpress Documents.

Keep Payment Plans Alive

Are you taking payment plans over the phone?

If you are accepting debit cards and ACH payments over the phone for payment plans, you are required by Regulation E to have signed written authorization from the consumer to continue the payment plan. (read more)

In the old days, when call centers set up payment plans over the phone, they would mail a copy of the agreed upon payment plan to the consumer and hope the consumer would return a signed copy.

With Express Docs, your agents can deliver the payment plan to the consumer via a secure portal where the consumer can view, e-sign and upload it back securely to you.

The benefit is obvious. You will keep more payment plans alive AND be compliant with Regulation E.

Increased revenue + More compliance. We call that a win-win!

1) Consumer clicks secure hyperlink

2) Consumer enters secure PIN

3) Consumer downloads document

4) Consumer views document

Deliver Forms and Docs in Real Time

Simple, powerful and secure management of documents in real time puts more money in your pocket.

Old Way of Delivery:
Print and Mail a First Class Letter.

  1. 80% or more of your cost to mail a letter is postage.
  2. The USPS routinely takes 5-7 days to deliver the letter.
  3. You DON’T KNOW if the consumer received, much less opened the letter.
  4. What will the consumer do with the letter is anyone’s guess.

New Way of Delivery:
Send securely with revExpress Docs

  1. Can be used by agents while on the phone with the consumer.
  2. Gain written consent to send communication electronically.
  3. Within seconds, consumers can receive communication behind secure websites.
  4. In real time, you know if they are taking the action you need.

Additional Benefits

Convert Print to Electronic

revExpress Docs is the fastest and most secure way to deliver forms and documents in real time. Did we mention that electronic is far cheaper than print?

World Class Support

Not that you will ever need it, but on the off chance that you do, you have a world class support team that will run through a wall to help a client.

No Encrypted PDF’s Here

We would never think of sending something as un-secure and vulnerable as an encrypted pdf.

Complete Customization

All screen views in revExpress Docs can be 100% customized to match your brand.


Our pricing is simple and straightforward and doesn’t lock you into a long-term contract.

Better Compliance

revExpress Docs raises the bar for compliance by displaying all data behind secure, password encrypted websites. If you are sending encrypted pdf’s, you are actually increasing your exposure, not your compliance.

Secure Website Delivery

All forms and documents sent using revExpress Docs are delivered behind secure, password encrypted websites.

Easy to Use

As with all our products, revExpress Docs is easy-to-use for the call center and the consumer.

Any Device

Consumers can interact with revExpress Docs from any mobile device.

Proven Results! Learn more with a free demo.